Youth, the professional future begins with “Demo Day”

Strengthen the skills of young people and their process of inclusion in the socio-economic fabric through projects that, in the future, even following adequate training, can turn into real businesses. This is the objective of Demo Day, the final event of the first phase of “Ideas in action for Upshift”, a project now in its second edition and created by Junior Achievement Italia and Unicef, which took place today in Rome at Track F, at ‘Hub of LVenture Group and Luiss EnLabs of Termini station. The intent is to offer technical skills for the development of an entrepreneurial plan and necessary for the future professional path: nine projects presented by young people from the Balkans, West Africa and Italy and which, after the day of today, they will continue their path in a second phase which will be able to transform the best ideas into real enterprises.

Fashion, food, consultancy for foreigners who are approaching the world of work are some of the sectors affected by the projects that will be judged by a multidisciplinary jury that will give the necessary suggestions for the second incubation and startup phase of startups. The initiative, funded by the Council of Europe Development Bank’s Migrant and Refugee Fund, involved provincial centers for adult education, and ministries of education and employment. “At the age of 18 the children find themselves exposed and often disoriented, out of the protection and safety situation that the school path could provide – said Antonio Perdichizzi, president of Junior Achievement Italy -.

It is important to be able to accompany them also in this delicate situation, providing them with the motivation and tools to project themselves towards the goal of employment and professional fulfillment. “” For Unicef, Upshift responds to the need to make all boys and girls , in particular the most vulnerable, main agents of change “,